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The Verein gegen Radwege (VGR) (English: Association against Cycleways) is a non-profit association with the purpose to inform the public about the bad effects of bicycle lanes on principle.[1]

On cycle tracks one cannot ride as fast as on the roadway. It is substantially more dangerous and more uncomfortable. One gets frequently flat tyres and on wet conditions becomes rather dirty. The obligation to use cycle tracks and militant drivers force cyclists on these inferior ways. Thereby the dignity of the cyclists is injured.[2]

The VGR currently publishes in German only but it aims a worldwide scope. It’s members don’t want to register their association to reduce overhead and to avoid state control. One of the ringleaders has been sentenced for riding on the roadway but he could repeal the sentence in the appeal.[3]

They publish a leaflet to endorse cycling on the roadway:

This leaflet should help you to handle yourself as a cyclist in such a way that it is subserves your own safety. It informs about the risks which cyclists expose themselves on segregated cycle facilities—building cycleways means setting traps![4]



Other bicycle advocacy groups in Germany[]

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