Critical Mass
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16th Belgrade Critical Mass, more than 300 bicyclists

Ulice za bicikliste (eng: Streets for Cyclists) is an organization formed by a group of people gathered around the same idea, and that is to improve and increase the number of bicyclists in daily traffic in Belgrade, thus putting culture of walking and cycling in the dominant position in relation to a car culture that is out of date.

Ulice za bicikliste organization was created around an event Critical mass. They are grassroots activists in Belgrade. Their activities take place locally (in Belgrade), based on the interest and engagement of the community.


Goals of organization Ulice za bicikliste are to change the mindset of the citizens of Belgrade and especially city authorities.

Ulice za bicikliste wants:

  • Belgrade for people, not for cars
  • City centre without polluting traffic
  • Pedestrianized squares and better public transport
  • Public bicycles as a public transport subsystem
  • Bicycle paths, lanes and parkings
  • Etc.