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Ted White, a filmmaker, writer and photograph, was known in connexion with Critical Mass for his film documentaries Return Of The Scorcher and We Are Traffic!. His main emphasis in the documentaries was promoting transportation alternatives especially bicycles.


  • Film- and videomaker
  • 2001-2003: Executive Director and co-founder of the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
  • 1994-1996: Center for Appropriate Transport in Eugene, Oregon where he worked and helped to develop several bicycle education projects for youth.


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Documentary filmsEdit


  • "Unwelcome on Our Own Streets"

Written and photographed forEdit

  • Adbusters, Bike Culture Quarterly, Mothering, Oregon Cycling, California Bicyclist

The term "Critical Mass" and Ted WhiteEdit

After the first (Critical Mass) event in San Francisco on September 25, 1992, then named Commute Clot, some participants in that ride went to a local bicycleshop for a screening of Ted White's documentary Return of the Scorcher, about bike culture overseas. In that film, American human powered vehicle and pedicab designer George Bliss noted that, in China, both motorists and bicyclists had an understood method of negotiating intersections without signals. Traffic would "bunch up" at these intersections until the back log reached a "critical mass" at which point that mass would move through the intersection. The term caught on and replaced Commute Clot as a name at the time of the second event.[1]



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