Critical Mass

Kashmir has earned recognition as the ‘Paradise on Earth’ ages ago. It is difficult to imagine the beauty of Kashmir Valley for one who hasn’t been there. Once you are there, agreeing with the  ‘certificate’ would be a matter of seconds. Srinagar, the summer capital of the valley state of Jammu and Kasmir is the gateway to this ‘Paradise’. Situated on the bank of Jhilum River in Kashmir Valley, Srinagar is of the most stunning tourist spots in entire India, in terms of scenic beauty. A trip to North India remains incomplete without exploring Srinagar, a place blessed heavily by Mother Nature. The scenic beauty that Srinagar offers visitors is hard to explore in words.

The biggest attractions of Srinagar tourism are its picturesque gardens, lakes and the houseboats that float on the crystal clear water of the lake as icons of Kashmir’s traditional art and handicraft. Srinagar is blessed with two lakes that have fetched it the compliment-“Venice of East’.  Reflections of the snow capped peaks on crystal clear water simply mesmerize the visitors. Dal Lake is the biggest icon of tourism in Srinagar, especially for the majestic ride on shikaras (small boats) and stay on the houseboats.  Another picturesque spot in Srinagar is the Mughal Gardens, a creation of the great Mughal emperors. You may also visit Nishat Bagh-the garden of spring, Pari Mahal and the royal fountains at Shashma Shahi. 

Tourist Attractions

Dal Lake

Pari Mahal

Mughal Gardens

Apple Orchard/Saffron Farm

Hazratbal Dargah

Dachigam National Reserve

Tulip Garden

Houseboat at Nagin Lake


Srinagar Tourism Guide