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The first Critcal Mass in South Korea took place in Seoul on 21 April 2001. 8 bicycles rode from Kwangwhamun(so called "Balbary Park" near the US Ambassy).

After that, Seoul Critical Masser(Balbarian) ride bicyle on every 3rd Saturday 4 PM to Yeouido. [1]

In Busan, the Korea biggest harbor, the first Critical Mass took place on 23 September 2006. 80 bicycles rode from Sajik Stadium to Busan Citizen Hall(Jobang Ap). From 6th ride, Busan Critical Mass regulaly take place in Busan Metropolitan City Hall(fountain) on every 4th Saturday 3:30 PM to Nampodong Yongdusan Park.[2]

The first Suwon Critical Mass took place on 23 February 2002 in Bukmun and ride every 4th Saturday 3:30 PM in Jangan Park.

The first Chunchon CM took place on 15 March 2008 and ride every 2nd Saturday 2PM in Chunchon City Hall.

In Korea Critical Mass used to call by the name “Balbary”(It means “Person moving by two feet and two wheels.")

Balbarian(the Korean Critical Mass participants) like to use “Regain the road deprived by car”, “My heart beat when meet bicycle!”, “Give one lane to bicycle”, “This road is not driveway” and “Bicycle, It's enough!” to appeal people. [3] [4]

Korean Critical Masser obey the traffic signals well and ride in a row, so can be called by Critical Manner. [5] [6] [7]


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