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San Jose Bike Party[]


San Jose Bike Party is not officially a Critical Mass ride, though it takes its inspiration from CM and in many ways resembles a CM.

How Bike Party is like CM:

  • many bikes, once a month
  • two wheels=good, dino-burners=bad
  • music, bright lights, lots of fun
  • no leaders - collective organization and mutual aid saves the day!
  • yay!

How Bike Party is not like CM:

  • late at night - 8:30pm
  • non-confrontational - we let cars pass whenever possible
  • routes are pre-planned and publicized
  • costume/music "themes" every month
  • not quite "anything goes" - sloppy drunks and inconsiderate jerks are not welcome


Third Friday of every month, 8:30pm. Ride typically departs by 9pm at the latest - stragglers are on their own. Rides typically last about 3 hours.


The ride start location and route changes monthly. To find out information please visit the website

How We Ride[]

Be Responsible

Know the law, and follow it...especially when doing otherwise might endanger others. (No DUI, use front & back lights & reflectors)

Leave no one behind

Take care of your fellow riders.

Stay together - ride as one

We are safer as a group. Once we start across an intersection, we ALL cross if it's safe to do so.

We take the lane

We are a vehicle. Take the full right lane. Whenever we can, we leave left lanes for cars.

Roll past conflict

Don't let angry drivers ruin the ride.

Respect the Ride

We are all here to have fun.




  • Light Rail: The VTA Light Rail's Winchester line runs to downtown Campbell from downtown San Jose (including Diridon Caltrain station) about every 20 minutes.
  • Bus:
    • VTA's #60 bus runs down Winchester (1/2mi away from start) from Valley Fair or downtown Santa Clara (including the Santa Clara Caltrain station) also about every 20-30 minutes.
    • VTA's #62 bus runs down Bascom (1mi away from start) from Taylor St. in downtown SJ.

What to Bring[]

  • a bike (any bike, really - but make sure it rolls!)
  • your friends
  • lights - this ride is ALL after dark, so white front light and a red rear light are a MUST. spoke lights, down-low lights, etc. are super-rad.
  • snacks & beverages - refreshment stops are few and far between
  • repair kit & tools
  • noisemakers
  • boom box
  • costume
  • your friends

Get Involved[]

Planning meetings usually happen a week or two before a ride, generally on Tuesday evenings at a coffee shop in the area. Watch the e-mail list, Myspace, or Facebook for updates.

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