Critical Mass

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Ride details[]

  • Day: Last Friday of every month.
  • Time: Meet at 5:30 pm, ride at 6:00 pm.
  • Location: The central fountain in John C. Fremont Park, 16th and P Streets


Sacramento Critical Mass has run continuously since its rebirth in April, 2007. It has attracted as many as 120 bicyclists, with a stable average around 20 riders during winter and over 40 in summer. Public response from drivers, pedestrians, and other onlookers is nearly unanimously positive. Though it came under heavy police scrutiny in October, 2007, as of September, 2008, the Sacramento Police Department has entirely backed off, leaving Critical Mass to "police" itself.


The Mass mostly rides wide, looping circles around midtown, never venturing past Alhambra or Broadway, and rarely even that far. It often cruises through Old Sacramento and the "tunnel" under Downtown Plaza at 5th Street and buzzes the state Capitol building. The ride often ends either at Fremont Park or a bar nearby.


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