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There was a ride in 2003. These rides terminated after a few months. It has now been revived in 2007 and again in June 2009. The first ride of this summer will be June 5th, 2009!


The first ride will be held December 28th, 2007, the last Friday of the month, at 5:30 P.M. The meeting place is the fountain outside the Nichols Library. It's right across the street from the Egg Harbor Cafe.

Unfortunately, this ride has been cancelled due to inclement weather. A new ride will be scheduled as soon as it stops snowing!

Naperville Sun article about old Mass[]

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City braces for bicyclist rally By Ann Piccininni STAFF WRITER The Naperville Sun | Sun, 08-Jun-2003

Bicyclists -- lots of them -- are expected to pedal through the streets of Naperville on Friday and the police are bracing for the inevitable traffic snarls.

Naperville police Sgt. Joel Truemper said Friday that the police department is preparing for the arrival of cyclists who band together worldwide under the moniker Critical Mass.

The cyclists share a belief that bicycles are a viable alternative to motorized vehicles, according to a Web site that offers details about the grassroots cyclist group. They also believe that people are overly dependent on cars and trucks, the Web site says.

Critical Mass bicycle rides are organized each month in Chicago. They began in San Francisco in August 1992. The cyclists have not thus far staged a ride in Naperville.

Truemper said he has no details on police plans for the event.

The Critical Mass Web site,, quotes Adam Kessel, identified as a "former Chicago masser," as saying, "Police officers sometimes assist us by restraining cross-car traffic at intersections. However, we do not request such assistance. We prefer to cork the intersections ourselves."

Naperville police said a rally held last June by Reclaim the Streets, a London-based group that is critical of capitalist economies and promotes transportation alternatives to cars, cost the city about $20,000 in police overtime payments and supplies.

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