Critical Mass

Flyer July 2013

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Critical Mass is a worldwide cycling event held on the last Friday of every month, when cyclists meet as if spontaneous for traveling as a group through the city on our bikes. Just by cycling we show that “we are traffic” and celebrate modern and urban bicycle culture. We are not organised, non-hierarchical and no-one is in charge. Everyone can join in!

Every last Friday of the month

We meet every last Friday of the month at 6pm at Max-Joseph-Platz in front of the opera and start our ride together at 6:30 am. We pick up all the traditionalists and stragglers at 8 pm at the Bavaria.

We are traffic!


Ride time and location[]

Every last friday of the month 6.00 p.m. Max-Joseph-Platz & at the feet of the Bavaria at 8.00 p.m.


Rides in the earlier past were held in 1999. [1]

Its difficult to trace first Critical Mass rides in Munich. First documented Critical Mass found in internet, was on the occasion of the Carfree Day on September 23, 2005. A ride with 60 participians was held [2]. The author wrote that there were such rides before.

A Critical Mass bicycle ride in Munich took place on 22.June 2007 with 50 participians, another one in January 2009 and February 2010. March was to wet, but CMs are now every Month!

Since last year (2012) there are Critical Mass rides in Munich again!



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