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Ride details[]

Day: Last Friday of every month.
Time: Meet 6:30pm.
Location: CVS Pharmacy parking lot, downtown at the corner of Government and Broad Street (900 Government Street).

The Ride[]

Riders meet in the CVS Pharmacy parking lot at 6:30pm on the Last Friday of every month. Starting at CVS, we will head East on Government street. We will take a left on Royal and then another left on Conti. We will head back West until we take a right on Jefferson and then another right on Dauphin. We will Head back East until we hit Water Street where we will take a left and head North. We will take a left on Broad and head West and South until we get back to the CVS Pharmacy parking lot.

You may find a Google Map of the route we take here.

Conflict with Motorists[]

Obey Mobile's laws and ordinances and try not to be a nuisance. Be courteous, not antagonistic. However, this is Alabama, so be prepared for hostility on behalf of motorists.

See Also[]

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External Links[]

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