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hi! i am writting to you on behalf of the group: "cyclists of kalamata". We are a group of people who made the first critical mass ride in the Kalamata, south of peloponese, in Greece. Kalamata area is a place with a beautiful landscape but the there is no sense (among local authorities) of public transport , of public spaces, and of safe roads to be moved on a bike, or skate, or rollers etc. The only way of transport, among most of the population is car, because the state doesnt care for an alternative. (They just want to collect money from car-taxes, petrol, insurances etc.) Nevertheless the first critical mass in kalamata, was taken place with an amount of around 150 people and we feel that that was a great success, when we consider most of the population is mostly conservative and black! we would like to be in touch with you, exchanging ideas and ways of action. Kalamata is a beautiful but in the same time very strange area to live, as most of the young and more updated population needs to go away because the local authorities dont live space for cultural and social actions that they cant control. But we are ready to keep on and reclaim the city for us , because we want to live here and not to be afraid to express what we feel and believe. In the same time, in the nearby area of Mani there are a lot of German population living there and at least they seem to have a kind of more alternative profile, and they might wanna join us. So if you know any group of people, living in the area and would like to join us, it would be really helpful to be in contact with us. e-mail on : if you would like t contact wih us And you can also visit: and also on facebook -cyclists of kalamata (just have in mind that both sites at the moment are mostly in greek, but we are working on changing that)

thank you and we really hope to be in touch with you!!

cyclists of Kalamata

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