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Impression from Hannover

An overview of Critical Mass bike rides in Germany.


The first German Critical Mass took place on 27 September 1997 in Berlin, the capital city. In 1998 there was also the ride with the most cyclists Germany ever had, as many as around 500 people rode through the city of Berlin. Almost all cities below beside the map had a Critical Mass in this past period (around 1997-2002) with more or less participiants. In the new century more and more cyclists gave up Critical Mass rides, so some years no regular rides took place. Only some sporadic Critical Mass rides were held, however not the transport political character was focused, but rather this form of street reclaiming was used for calling attention to other relevant political topics (e.g. at the vacation of the Yorck59 in Berlin in 2005 [1]).

Situation since 2006[]

CM Berlin - July 2007 - Confiscating Bicycle

Conflict with the police in Berlin

Since 2006 there has been a revival of Critical Mass in Germany. At least in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin are regular rides every month again. In 2007 also other cities has had rides: Hamburg, Hannover, Trier, Mannheim, Magdeburg, Nuremberg, Munich, Dresden, Darmstadt and other cities. New are rides in Dortmund, Essen und Wuppertal. In Frankfurt/Main regular rides took place with up to 200 cyclists, most other cities in Germany have less participans. Only in Hamburg a one time Critical Mass in June in conjunction with the protests against the G8 had around 325 riders .

The interest of the media was mostly very low. If anything only local press has published short reports about the events [2]. An exception was i.a. a report by "Die Zeit" about the ride in Hamburg in May 2007 with about 300 riders [3].

Map and ride locations[]

Critical Mass in Germany
  1. Hamburg
  2. Berlin
  3. Braunschweig
  4. Bochum
  5. Duisburg
  6. Düsseldorf
  7. Bonn
  8. Aachen
  9. Dresden
  10. Jena
  11. Erfurt
  12. Marburg
  13. Frankfurt/Main
  14. Darmstadt
  15. Mainz
  16. Mannheim
  17. Heidelberg
  18. Freiburg
  19. Ulm
  20. Stuttgart
  21. Nuremberg (Nürnberg)
  22. Freising
  23. Munich (München)

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Participiants in Germany 2007[]

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Participiants in Germany 2008[]

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Participiants in Germany 2009[]

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