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Since 2006 there has been a Critical Mass in Frankfurt again. The Critical Mass riders determined riding the first Sunday of every month instead of the third Friday as in the past. Thereby up to 200 people per Sunday have ridden until now. In 2007 there was also the Wheelz up-Filmfestival presenting Critical Mass and other cycling films. Frankfurt Critical Mass has also been established on Fridays in the last months of the year 2007. It is noticeable that the Friday rides have not the same appeal for cyclists as on Sundays.


First Critical Mass bike ride in Frankfurt/Main was on the third Friday in June 1998 with 20 cyclists. At that time the monthly rides took place until 1999 every last Friday.

Ride location and time[]

  • First Sunday of every month, at the Opera Square, 2.00 p.m.
  • Every first Friday after Sunday Critical Mass, at the Opera Square, 7.00 p.m.


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Critical Mass

Riding with 200 people!

For more videos from Frankfurt/Main CM on Youtube see weblinks.


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