What is Critial Mass to you?[edit source]

I am writing a research paper for a folklore class at Berkeley. I heard about Critical Mass two days before I decided that I would use this large event as the topic of my project, and thus had no prior knowledge of what it was about before setting out to observe the SF 2006 Halloween Critical mass (a few days prior to the 31st). Having observed that particular event, and now going around online trying to determine what Critical Mass has to say about this culture and society in general, I get the impression that for a good number of the riders Critical Mass is less about bikes and the enviroment as it is about being in a mass of counter culture. All of a sudden one is able to transcend the every day procedures that allow a society to function, the give and take, the stop and go. All of a sudden one is able to say I'm not stoping, today I have the power to just go.

I bet there are a good number of people who participate in this event because they feel like they stop for the rest of the world too often, and for once they want to go. Then again, I could be wrong. Let me (and anyone else) know; Why do you ride Critical Mass? --CameronT 05:16, 10 November 2006 (UTC)

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