Critical Mass
Beer garden
      Girl on bike   Girl on bike    
              Ciclabile 2
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      Girl on bike   Cyclist Ciclabile 2  
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Cyclist         Girl on bike Cyclist  
Brandenburger Tor

The Critical Mass Game is a self-made tactic board-game for 2-5 players from Berlin in the late Nineties of the last century. There are two roles in the game, the Critical Mass and the policemen. The intention is that the Critical Mass reaches the beer garden starting from Brandenburger Tor hunted by the eye of law. If the policemen surround one Masser they have found a responsible person and the game is over. The game ends with a draw when the policemen are unable to move. The Critical Mass Game can be played with a chessboard.

The game mirrors the conflict of the Berlin Critical Mass with the police at that time in a humerous way when hundreds rode through the heart of the city.

Because of its self-made character it can certainly be played with other places and roles.





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