Critical Mass
Date: Monday, May 31, 2010
Time: 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Location: San Francisco - Portland OR - Washington DC - New Orleans LA - New York City - Boston MA - Austin TX - Lafayette LA - Baton Rouge LA - Minneapolis St. Paul - Philadayelphia PA


Join us in a critical mass style procession of the "Krewe of Dead Pelicans."

An opportunity to take to the streets, in a silent ride, protesting the massive oil spill that has encroached the Gulf and threatens marine, plant, animal and human health, as well as local jobs, in a region already beset by natural disasters and toxic industries.

Dress in all black (or white or whatever) for we will be representing the dead zones created by abusing our environment, the oil spill itself, the ecological ramifications unknown and known, and BP's lack of response to OUR Gulf and OUR environment.


Where are the peaceful protests? Where are the people in the streets? Where is the popular movement that is demanding an end to fossil-fuel addiction and promising to eject legislators who stand in its way?


Meet us at the original point of gathering for Critical Mass in each city, town and community this Memorial Day and JOIN US!! for an imminent protest that will raise awareness & form community coalitions...

San Francisco - Justin Herman Plaza
Portland OR - North Park Blocks by the Elephant
Washington DC - Dupont Circle
New Orleans - Jackson Square cathedral
Baton Rouge LA - LSU Memorial Clocktower
Lafayette LA - Parc Sans Souci, downtown
New York City - Union Square (north side)
Boston MA - Copley Square
Austin TX - UT West Mall (Guadalupe between 22nd & 23rd)
Minneapolis MN - Loring Park, by the fountain
Philadelphia PA - City Hall (west side)

If your city or town is not listed here with a location point, GRASS ROOTS is the key! Be the one to choose a starting point or find the starting point for the usual critical mass in your city below.

Keep posting this within your community and stay connected!!!