Critical Mass
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The Community Portal is the starting point for all editors of this Wikia. It lists some of the pages you might like to use as you contribute here. Get involved!

First starting points[]

  • Don't be shy to edit or change existing wiki pages.
  • If you find a red link, please fill it in.
  • Give you an own wiki account with a name. So you are not only an IP ;) and your contributions will have a name.
  • If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask other active users or the admins. Find out who is active with Special:Recentchanges. You can also get help in our forum.
  • Have in mind that the content of this wiki is free and will stay free. All content is licensed under the GFDL. There are some exceptions, for example images can have a Creative Commons (by(-sa)) or a similar license. See also Critical Mass: Copyrights.
  • Have also in mind that all what you contribute will be available in the wiki history which (almost) all wikis have.

ToDo list[]

Some points which need help. If you know any you can add them here.

  • 08/01/2008: Help pages need work: (discussion)


Critical Mass

Beside the heart of this wiki, the list of Critical Mass rides, there are other main categories:

Look around and don't hesitate to expand or to improve these categories and wiki pages.


  • Critical Mass wiki projects
The heart of this wiki and one reason the wiki was founded.