Critical Mass

There are many clothing-optional and topfree cycling events around the world. Some rides are political, recreational, artistic or a unique combination.

Body art (such as body painting) are common forms of creative expression, as well as costumes, art bikes, portable sound reinforcement systems (such as public address systems/bullhorns, and boomboxes), musical instruments as well as other types of noisemakers.

Many of the political rides have their roots from Critical Mass and are often described or categorized as a form of political protest, street theatre, party-on-wheels, streaking, public nudity and clothing-optional recreation and thus attracts a wide-range of participants.

Clothing-optional bike ride events[]

Full and partial (especially topfree) nudity is encouraged, but not mandatory, on all rides. Some people ride in their underwear (also known as underwearing).

Political, and often artistic rides[]

Recreational rides, not overtly political[]

  • Nackt Radtour Naked cycling tours in Germany (since 2000).
  • The Naked Bike Ride at the University of Vermont, a bi-annual event held at midnight after the last day of classes each semester

Mostly artistic, non-political rides[]

  • Solstice Cyclists in Seattle. (Since 1992, with bodypainting since in 1998?)
  • Critical Tits at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada
  • The Queen video for Bicycle Race.

Topfree bike ride events[]

Topfreedom is allowed but full nudity is not allowed, or discouraged

  • Sydney Body Art Ride in Sydney, Australia. (Since 2005)
  • Critical Tits, held every year at Burning Man

Related bike ride events[]

  • Critical Ass is a variant of the Critical Mass bike ride, where participating bicyclists ride in their underwear (also known as underwearing) or in the nude. In June 2004, 22 world cities participated in World Naked Bike Ride, an international Critical Ass-style event. Regular Critical Ass rides have taken place in New York City, Chicago, Seattle and other locales throughout North America.[1]
  • Historically, some Critical Mass rides themselves have had incidents of full or partial nudity.


  • Solstice: A Celebration of the Art of Bodypainting produced by James W. Taylor/Circle Rock, 2004. Includes clips of the 2003 Solstice Cyclists
  • Radtour-Classics 2001: Nackt-Radtour in und um Karlsruhe am 14. 6. 2001 A film by Karl-Heinz Kreutler.


  1. Eye Weekly Jun 2, 2005 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada): "Nudist Profiling," accessed on Feb 23 2006. [1]

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