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Ride time and location[edit | edit source]

Location: The Level (park), Brighton, BN2 3FX
Day: Last Friday every month (see Upcoming listing for next ride date)
Time: Meet 6pm, ride 6.30pm
2011 dates: 29 Apr, 27 May, 24 Jun, 22Jul, 26 Aug, 30 Sep, 28 Oct, 25 Nov, 23 Dec.

Publicity[edit | edit source]

Flyers and posters[edit | edit source]


More flyers and posters are available in the files section of the Critical Mass Brighton Yahoo! group

  • A8 Mini Flyers (business card size, 16 to an A4 sheet)
    Attach to bikes, hand out as business cards
  • A6 Flyers (postcard size, 4 to an A4 sheet)
    Leave in shops (esp. bike shops!), cafés, noticeboards etc
  • A5 Flyers (half A4, 2 to an A4 sheet)
    Put on noticeboards etc
  • A4 Poster
    Enlarge to A3 for added impact! Put up in shops (esp. bike shops!) and cafés

Download Adobe Reader to view and print these PDF files

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Ride-specific[edit | edit source]

More Critical Mass Brighton specific links at the Yahoo group

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