Critical Mass

Adsmail Adsmail 14 August 2009

Why vehicles and pedestrians don't like people on pedal bikes.

I ride a bike. I also drive a car. When I am riding my bike I get off the road when cars come and I don't break any laws (like running red lights just because I can, cutting across streets illegally, running stop signs, passing on the right hand side, etc...). I understand that while I am supposed to be like a vehicle, I AM NOT. I am much smaller, will die if hit or bumped and travel much slower than normal vehicles. I don't consider myself a vehicle and I don't believe that pedal bikes, or any other bike that cannot go the speed limit (60+ Km/h depending on the road), should be considered as such. I believe that I can drive on the roads but that I should always get off when any cars are near because it's their road not mine. I am s…

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