Critical Mass

Logo of the BCLU

The Bicycle Civil Liberties Union (BCLU) is a bicycle advocacy group mainly based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A network of activists and attorneys are working to champion the bicyclist's and pedestrian's rights. According to the group's homepage their main goals are to ensure equal access and safe accomodations for nonmotorized travelers and to develop resources for cyclists and pedestrians.[1]


The group's logo shows two scales in balance hanging down from a handle bar. The slogan beside the scales is: "Get a clue with the BCLU". [1]

Critical Mass documentary: July 25th, The Secret is Out![]

The BCLU features the Critical Mass documentary "July 25th, The Secret is Out!" of the San Francisco Critical Mass crackdown on July 25, 1997. On the BCLU webpage the video is termed as the first Videocracy project ever.[2]



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