Critical Mass

Chronicle and short summaries of Critical Mass incidents, events and news worldwide (incomplete) in 1997.

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September 27, 1997 Germany First Critical Mass bike ride ever in Germany in Berlin with around 20 people. See also Berlin history and history and current situation in Germany.
September 5, 1997 Chicago hold-up The term´s origins date back to Chicago´s fist Critical Mass ride on September 5, 1997.
Bikeonhead July 25, 1997 San Francisco Willie Brown, was asked by a journalist at a press conference how he planned to control Critical Mass. The Mayor was quoted in the press as threatening the riders with arrest, along with various belittling of bicyclists. The reaction and extensive press coverage grew into a confrontation at the July 25, 1997 ride. The local newspapers had published a route, although many riders were hesitant about—or flatly against—cooperation with it. On Friday the Mayor addressed the crowd at the Embarcadero (San Francisco) meeting place but was shouted down. The crowd of approximately 7,000 bicyclists quickly split into many parts, each being chased or monitored by police units, including helicopters. This resulted in extensive turmoil throughout the downtown area and many arrests and bicycle confiscations.

Taken from Critical Mass: Conflicts with authorities originally from the Wikipedia Critical Mass article.

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